Relationship Game Changers Membership

3 Secrets
That will revolutionize the way you see yourself in relationships.

Because you want more freedom, more love, and more power to influence change, right?

Freedom in relationships requires you to find your voice, use your voice and sometimes even turn up the volume of your voice! All this requires clarity. When you see yourself differently, then you can behave differently and influence the change you desire to see!

So, let's get started! Here are 3 Secrets to revolutionize the way you see yourself in relationship to others!

How Does Membership Work?


Every Monday Night at 8 PM (EST), Kim Moore goes live and unpacks Bible truths that transfix and transform. Easy to apply solutions are offered each week. To find your voice,  influence others and facilitate changes in your relationships, you must show up. RCG Membership offers you a safe, non-judgmental place to show up, receive Bible-based guidance and experience as well as support and affirmation!


Showing up isn't enough. Also, we must take action. This means applying what we learn. It means developing new ways of responding to recurring problems. RGC Membership offers practical exercises you complete and share privately with fellow RGC members. The benefit is non-judgmental, unconditional support and real time feedback that builds confidence and enhances our ability to communicate with others.


Taking action increases our authority and ability to impact others favorably. Changing a relationship requires an initiator. Possessing the knowledge, skills and confidence makes initiating change easier! RGC offers members the best way to influence outcomes in any relationship. It only depends on us working with God and the help of other likeminded people! Now more than ever our families and communities need our influence.

What Members Are Saying . . .


"I have made a lot of new friends being a part of this group. Someone is always praying for me to succeed. I can be transparent and not be judged. It’s just an amazing group of people sharing the love of God! I am now convinced that
God loves me."


"We know where each one stands. No pretense and always there is a listening  ear and encouragement."


"I'm grateful for this group because it's a place outside of the church setting where I can really be vulnerable."


"Kim is a skillful surgeon removing everything within us that needs to go. I love all my sisters on this line because with one another we can be ourselves and not have to pretend or hide. We can laugh together and encourage one another and for that I am so thankful for this group!"

"But the real [relationship] game changer is to be a part of a group of women who are really genuinely genuine."- Michelle

Membership Matters Because Like Us, You Want . . .

1.    MORE than just communication in relationship, you want connection.
2.    COURAGE to see, behave and interact with others in new impactful ways.
3.    RELIEF from the stress of being emotionally responsible for relationships.
4.    REST in a company of women with whom you can share and relate.
5.    CONFIDENCE that comes from finding, using and raising your voice.
6.    OPPORTUNITIES to hear others' stories that resonate with your own.
7.    TRUTH that results in change that is liberating.
8.    EASY take action exercises you can practice in a supportive environment.
9.    FREEDOM to be messy and not be marginalized.
11.  FEEDBACK that is helpful and encouraging.
12.  LEADERSHIP that leads by example.

But, There's Still More . . .

- Exclusive access to Live Q&A Sessions with Kim Moore
- Be the first to get updates and access to RGC events
- First dibs on upcoming Beta RGC Mentoring Program*
- Enjoy a 5% discount on products and services*
- Become an Affiliate Member and get even more perks!*
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"It’s better to have friends than go it alone. Share the work, share the wealth. And if one falls down, the other helps, But if there’s no one to help, tough!"
(Ecclesiastes 4:9)

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