Kim Moore!

Just Me . . .

I love God. I love people. And I love myself enough to know that yielding my life to God is in my best interest. I'm passionate about helping women improve the quality of their relationship with God, others and themselves! I do this by writing, speaking and coaching women. My fascination and specialty is relationships!

Producing a great read, speaking words that transfix, and transform, liberating women to experience more love and power in relationships is super gratifying!  That it's my work is icing on the cake!

Some of my favorite things: 

Wearing Linen
I enjoy and usually wear linen. It's natural, native to the flax plant. Linen best compliments my natural, quiet, easy going, functional approach to life, people and things. I can dress linen up, or down and though it wrinkles it still looks and wears well. It's durable.

Lakes, Ocean, Waterfalls, Streams
Water is the natural element that most reminds me of God's love and character. The analogies between the two are too numerous to name! I love doing anything in, on or around water!

Crab legs dipped in butter. 

Enough said.

Jesus, family, friends and though not a person, my 100 lb. doberman pinscher named, "Judah" (2010-2020).

What others most misunderstand about me.
I am told that when engaging clients, and speaking to small and large groups I am passionate, connecting and super engaging. "It's like this whole other person comes alive!" But when not engaged with a client or speaking, I seem cold and stand offish. 

My response. This makes sense to me. I am a true introvert and hyper-sensitive to sensory information. Social situations can be overwhelming at times. When drained, I best recharge alone and require lots of quiet time. So, it makes sense that when not coaching or speaking that others might be taken a back by my quiet aloofness. The truth is that I care deeply about others' well-being and one of the ways I do this is by being 100% present when coaching and speaking!


26 plus years counseling, coaching and speaking to individuals, families, groups (small and large) as they navigate life challenges. Family Life Pastor - Victory World Church 1996-00, Asst. Pastor at Community of Faith 2003-13, Published Author - Books and other Resources.


BS Psychology - Howard Univ. (1983)
MSW - Temple Univ. (1986)
CLST (Seminary - 2004-07)


Christian Counselor and Therapist -
(Georgia Christian Counselors Association (2014 - present)
Ordained Minister 1996, 2003 and 2015 Global Ministry Relief, Inc
Certificate in Domestic Violence (Open Path Psychotherapy Collective) – 2017


Georgia Association of Christian Counselors
Forerunner City Church
All Kids Physical Therapy
Douglas Private Care Serv.
Open Path Psychotherapy Collective
Tres Dias of North Georgia
Vida Nueva NEGA
Suzanne Hinn's NPC - Host
Francis Myles Ministry Int.

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